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We launched our preliminary Commercial Rent Report in February 2022.   It details how businesses across Ontario are being impacted by the lack of protections for commercial tenants.

Our Commercial Rent Report Recommendations

Create a Provincially Recognized Standard Commercial Lease

Invest in a Commercial Tenant - Landlord Board

Implement a Reasonable Commercial Rent Increase Cap

Our Report and Recommendations

Rent is considered a top 3 expense for most businesses – and the only one that is wildly unpredictable.  Our commercial rent report tells the stories of businesses impacted by the wild west of Commercial Leasing in Ontario. 

Our team has put together 3 sensible, light-touch regulation recommendations. These recommendations will help ensure strong regional economies featuring locally owned businesses creating good jobs.

Business as usual is broken – it’s time for us all to fix it and unlock the economic benefits of strong local business communities.  To learn more about why we launched this campaign, click here.

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